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Stromberg Carlson RV Bunk Ladder - Aluminum - 60" Tall

Feel safe and secure as you climb up to your RV bunk using this lightweight aluminum ladder with rubber treads. Ladder can hook anywhere along the bunk rail with large, pre-installed hooks, or brackets can be bolted onto the rail at a fixed position.


  • Interior RV ladder has 4 steps for easy and quick access to motor home's bunk bed
  • Padded rubber treads on steps offer both comfort and traction
    • Capture dirt, debris and liquid so your bed stays clean
  • Rubber feet on bottoms of legs keep ladder from moving on slick surfaces
  • Sturdy aluminum construction is durable and lightweight
    • Offers stability and safety
    • Makes ladder easy to move
  • 2 Attachment options ensure a secure fit - installation hardware included
    • Temporarily position ladder anywhere along bunk rail using large, pre-installed hooks - install and remove in a flash
    • Permanently bolt brackets in a fixed position on bunk rail (drilling required) and slide small hooks into and out of brackets to install and remove ladder as needed
  • Customizable length - cut bottom of ladder legs to adjust length for a perfect fit


  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs - 300 lbs
    • 11-Degree to 12-degree tilt is ideal for reaching optimal weight capacity
  • Dimensions: 60" tall (customizable) x 13" wide
  • Rung spacing: 12"
  • Ladder weight: 5 lbs
  • 1-Year warranty

Note: The legs of the ladder can be trimmed for length with a hacksaw or tube cutter.

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