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Side Mount Tent Mounting Kit

Purchasing a Little Guy side mount screen room tent? You may need this mounting kit depending on the year/VIN of your trailer.  This kit comes in black only and does not include alcohol wipe.

You need the Side Mount Tent Mounting Kit if:

- Your trailer is a 2012 model or older. To determine the year of your trailer go to the end of your VIN number and count back 8 digits. (The 8th digit will tell you the year of your trailer. 4=2004, 5=2005, 6=2006, 7=2007, 8=2008, 9=2009, A=2010, B=2011, C=2012, D=2013)

- Your trailer is a 2013, but the last 3 digits of the VIN number are lower than 768

Video: How to install the Little Guy Screen Room Mounting Kit 

Video: How to attach the Little Guy Screen Room to a Little Guy Trailer - new for 2013 

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  • Does the side mount tent mounting kit come in black?

    It only comes in black.

  • I have a different manufacture's teardrop and the door is 27.5" x 33.25" in size and 23" above grade. Would this mounting kit work with my trailer door?

    The mounting kit is two peices of flexible rubber, each measuring approximately 47".  These will work on just about any door as long as it is not too large.