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Portable Waste Tank


 Five convenient sizes from 5 to 30 gallons provide a capacity for every need. Blow-molded polyethylene construction and quality zinc plated steel brackets throughout. Extra large, heavy-duty wheels and standard bayonet fittings included on all tanks except 5 gallon size. Tow bracket and 5' sewer hose included with 15, 22, and 30 gallon Tote-Alongs. All original Tote-Alongs come completely assembled.



5 Gallon: 8.75" H x 12" W x 20" L

10 Gallon: 8.75" H x 15" W x 30" L

15 Gallon: 11.25" H x 15" W x 37" L

22 Gallon: 37"L x 20"W x 11"D

30 Gallon: 11.75" H x 24" W x 37" L

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