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Handy Sink


The Versatile, Economical Outdoor Sink System For All RV Lifestyles!

D&W’s Handy Sink is the perfect product to keep dirty messes outside your RV where they belong. Never track dirt and grime inside your RV again! Also incredibly convenient for all types of food preparation, washing dishes and camping equipment, cleaning pet paws and much, much more! Compact and lightweight, the Handy Sink is easy to mount and store.

Sink is roughly 13 1/2″ wide X 10 1/2″ deep x 9″ high including the faucet. See drawing in product literature link below.

Handy Sink Practical Features Include:
*Easy mounting and removal from the RV exterior
*Quickly plumbs to RV or any other water supply
*Provides quick and easy access to an outside water source
*Lightweight, compact and durable for easy storage
*Put on while camping, take off for traveling
*Easily exchanges with other bar-mounted RV accessories like Bar-B-Q’s

Complete Package Includes:
* 40″ drain hose  *Brass garden hose fitting
*Single Input Faucet  *Sidewall mounting bar
*Simple installation instructions

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    • Where does waste water go ? On ground or what ?

      It is recommended that you position the drain hose to a bucket or on a downhill location.  The drain hose does not connect to the trailer and will go to the ground if that is where the hose is positioned.