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Comfy Cruise 12 Volt Plaid Blanket

Stay Warm on Cold Winter Days! Warms you up in seconds.

-Large 42" x 58" size covers 2 people.

-Perfect for cars, convertibles, trucks, boats, RVs, and SUVs.

-Great for keeping kids warm, especially when they are in car seats and cannot wear bulky snow suits. Great for your spouse, who wants the temperature warmer than you. Great for senior citizens and others who suffer from poor circulation.

-Extra long 7 ft. cord reaches back seats.

-Luxurious 100% polyester fleece.

-Simply plug into 12V cigarette lighter socket. Comfy Cruise can also be used as a regular blanket when not plugged in.

-Automatic temperature control.

-Timer automatically turns off heat after 30 or 45 minutes for safety.

-Energy-saving 4 amp power usage.

-Easy to clean.

-Navy blue, red plaid or leopard print

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