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Clamp-On EZ-Up Light

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The Clamp-on EZ-UP Light is:

  • Compact & Modular
  • Durable & Versatile
  • Quick setup & take down
  • Easily clamps to tables and railings
  • Designed with many lighting options
  • Easy to store

The EZ-UP Light features a 30W LED Light with dimming and brightening options with 16 color choices with a remote control. Light can pivot straight up to straight down and swivels 360 degrees.

The EZ-UP Light when taken apart, requires very little storage space and it's easy to move around and anyone can set it up.

The clamp-on mounting bracket easily clamps to any secure surface upto 2 1/2 inches thick. Once attached, it's ready to receive the extension pole(s).

The EZ-UP Light comes with two extension poles that slide together and are secured with a thumb snap. You pick your desired height by using one or both. Which ever height you select, you'll be rewarded with an amazing EZ-UP Lighting experience.

Need a quick source of light without clamping on the hardware? You have the option of using the light with just the mounting bracket.

This is great for night-time arrivals at a campground for connecting your utilities or for creating mood lighting in your backyard for dinner under the stars.

The IR remote control provides on/off capability as well as a selection of 16 color choices, dimming & brightening of individual colors and four automatic lighting modes.


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