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BikeWing-2 Tilting Two Bike Rack

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The BikeWing™-2 VRack 2-Bike Carrier carries two bikes of all sizes and frames suspended by the wheels on the V-Wing™ and includes new Zero-G™ bike freeze technology for all purposes to the most rugged road conditions. Ultra-light and easily adjustable for convenience of use, with an all-new tilt-back feature for rear hatch access and compact storage, and simply ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle.

Features & Specifications

  • Fits two bicycles of all frames and sizes
  • 45 Degree & 180 Degree Tilting Feature (With Bicycle Attached) For Rear Hatch/Door Access
  • Easily adjustable wheel cradles with durable rubber straps for a tight grip on bike wheels
  • Featherweight light at only 16.5 lbs (Modular Design: 4.5 lbs V-Wings(x2) and 7 lbs Shank); 80 lbs load capacity
  • Quick removable wings for modular compact storage
  • Zero-G bike freeze technology eliminates all bike motion with wheel touch support only, removing all bike frame or fork contact with rack. Zero-G™ system is a combination of wheel cradle and sway stop components:
  • Zero-G system includes four sway stops (two per bike) for tire contact with rubber strap wrap around inside of wheels
  • Zero-G system includes four wheel cradles with rubber strap wrap over outside of wheels
  • Two cushion pads on each V-Wing for casual contact (four total)
  • 4” riser shank for great rear ground clearance needs on low clearance vehicles
  • Fits both 1.25in and 2in hitch receivers
  • Lockable NoMotion™ pin for quiet and stable hitch connection and performance
  • RV certified, for use on all vehicles
  • Bike, Board & Bag™ accessories available 

User Manual

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