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BikeWing-T4, 2+2 Four Bike Rack

This four bike hitch rack includes ground-breaking modularity and functionality for separation into two independent two bike racks and ready-to-go mount to vehicles in all configurations. Tilt and fold design carries two to four bikes of all sizes and frames by the wheels, and allows for access to the rear of the vehicle as well as easy parking and garage clearance.

With many new enhancements in our 2017 model, this quick hitch mount bike rack is ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle, and includes new Zero-G™ bike freeze technology for all purposes to the most rugged road conditions.

Features & Specifications

  • Carries four bicycles of all frames and sizes
  • Easily adjustable wheel cradles with durable rubber straps for a tight grip on bike wheels
  • Lightweight 41 lbs with modular frame separation for additional load management
  • 160 lbs load capacity
  • 24in distance between Wings for bikes
  • Quick removable wings for rear hatch access and modular storage
  • Tilt and fold system design for rear hatch access and parking clearance
  • Sectional frame removes for simple conversion into two independent 2-bike racks
  • Convertible sections create a tilt and fold 2-bike rack with ability to access rear hatch without removing bikes, and a bonus fixed frame 2-bike rack
  • Zero-G bike freeze technology eliminates all bike motion with wheel touch support only, removing all bike frame or fork contact with rack. Zero-G system is a combination of wheel cradle and sway stop components:
  • Zero-G system includes four sway stops (two per bike) for tire contact with rubber strap wrap around inside of wheels
  • Zero-G system includes four wheel cradles with rubber strap wrap over outside of wheels
  • Eight cushion pads for casual contact
  • Two Silent Hitch Pins included for No Motion, quiet and stable hitch connection and performance (download our updated owner manual for installation details)
  • Fits 2 inch hitches
  • RV certified
  • Bike, Board, and Bag accessories available


BikeWing Product Flyer

BikeWing T4 Product Manual

Zero-G Product Flyer


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