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BAL Scissor Jacks Stabilizing System - Set of 2

This item can only be shipped to the United States
  • Roller-Bearing Assembly For Smooth And Easy Screw Operation
  • Provides A Sandwich Construction Bearing Design To Assist In Screw Operation
  • Tooth Gear Design Of The Scissor Arms Ensures Straight Line Vertical Extension And Retraction
  • Double Lead, Acme Thread Drive Screw Is Designed So The Jack Raises Quickly And The Crank Handle Turns Easily
  • Crank Handle Can Be Easily Rotated, Even When Tilted
  • Rust-Inhibitive E-Coating On The Jack And Shiny Zinc Coating On The Crank Handle Ensure Long Life
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Weight Capacity: 7500 pounds
  • Maximum Lift: 24"
  • Minimum Light: 4"
  • Set of 2

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