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T@B 320 Visor XL

This item is made and shipped from the manufacturer, PahaQue, and has an estimated production time of 2-8 weeks. Teardrop Shop does not have the ability to give you a better estimate than that time frame and does not send updates on the status of your order.
The manufacturer will only authorize a return within 30 days of receipt if product is defective or there are fitment issues. It is the purchasers responsibility to open the product upon receipt. If there are problems with your item, please contact the manufacturer at (858)748-3762.
This item is custom made to order. We do not accept returns on custom made to order items and will not issue refunds on incorrectly ordered items. Please be sure that you are ordering the correct model for your trailer and the correct color combination that you desire.

Identical to the T@B visor in every way, but this is 50" longer. It will extend from the rear T@B handle to the front T@B handle for a total length of 156 inches. The T@B Visor XL is 5 feet deep 

Designed to provide shade and shelter when you need it. Quickly and easily attaches to the awning rail on the side of trailer.

The XL Model adds an additional 4' of sheltered area (along keder rail) than the regular T@B Visor.

Color Choices - Silver grey with your choice of accent color.

Comes complete with carry bag, one fiberglass pole, and guylines. Waterproof. Size - 12.5' (along keder rail) x 5' (extended out from trailer). 200D Polyester with waterproofing and UV inhibitor coatings. Lifetime Warranty

This visor fits the T@B 320 trailer only.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Information

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Ask a Question
  • Will the XL fit a R-Pod 171 ~2012 Hood River Edition?

    No, this will only fit T@B trailers.  We do sell a visor for the R-Pod that can be found here.

  • Will this visor fit a Forest River R-Pod 171? What is the cost?

    No, this will only fit T@B trailers.  We do sell a visor for the R-Pod that can be found here.

  • Do they make a visor to fit the Little Guy Silver Shadow?

    I'm sorry, we do not sell a visor for the Silver Shadow.

  • Will this visor fit on a 2007 T@B made by Dutchman?

    Yes.  This fits all T@B 320 models as long as your trailer has the keder rail installed.

  • where can I see color samples for the XL visor

    If you click the arrows on the product images, the color samples are the 3rd and 4th pictures.

  • I have 2015 T2B Max S. Will the XL visor fit?

    Yes, this fits all T@B models.

  • Does this fit a 2015 T@b M@x CSS?

    Yes.  This fits all T@B 320 models.

  • Where is the best place to store the visor when not in use? How big is it folded up?

    The package for the T@B Visor XL measures 6"x6"x36".  It is up to your personal preference on were to store the item when not in use.

  • This is called an "XL" visor. Does this fit the T@B 320 S?

    Yes, this item is designed for the T@B 320.

  • The guide pole for our visor broke, do you sell just that part? If so, how much would it cost?

    We do not sell parts for PahaQue accessories, you will need to contact them at (858)748-3762.

  • Is the lifetime warranty transferable? We might order a different color and sell our black/silver one. Also, do you know what the shipping weight is?

    The manufactur holds the warranty, so you will need to contact them at (858)748-3762 with questions.  The shipping weight is 8 pounds.

  • I have a T@B Outback edition. I just want to make sure the Visor XL fits it before we order

    Yes this will fit on the Outback T@B.

  • I have some sticky film on my xl-visor from camping under an oak tree. What is the best method of cleaning without damaging the waterproofing or the uv protection?

    PahaQue recommends warm water and dish soap with a very soft sponge.

  • Will this fit the T@b 400?

    No, this item will only fit the T@B 320.  A visor for the T@B 400 can be found here.

  • Do you make a visor for the T@G XL?

    Our Little Guy Visor will fit on the T@G and T@G XL trailers. The Little Guy Visor includes an awning rail mounting kit that you will need to install on the trailer.

  • Does this XL visor fit and function with the clam shell style 320? (320 cs-s)

    Yes, the T@B 320 visor fits the T@B 320.

  • Will this Visor fit a T@G Max Outback 2017 ? or any visor/awning works for my T@G?

    No, we do not offer a visor or awning for the T@G.

  • Will the visor fit a 2017 Little Guy T@B Q Max

    Yes.  This fits all T@B 320 models as long as your trailer has the keder rail installed.

  • I have the tab trailer how do I know if it's a 320 model mine is like 6 feet by 11 feet trailer?

    You will need to contact your dealer or the manufacturer of your trailer to verify what model you have.

  • How do you keep the opened door from hitting the visor?

    Unfortunately there is not a way to prevent the door from hitting the visor.

  • Will this visor fit the T@G Teardrop

    No, this visor is for the T@B trailer only.

  • Would this fit my 2007 DM T@B?

    Yes.  This fits all T@B 320 models as long as your trailer has the keder rail installed.