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Camco Rhino Blaster

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The Rhino Blaster Tank Rinser latches securely onto your RVs sewer outlet. The 45 degree angle allows water to blast directly into the outlet, rinsing out residue. Rhino Blaster Tank Rinser features a clear elbow to see when the water runs clear. A vacuum breaker prevents backflow into the water hose. Additional features include a 4-prong bayonet swivel fitting that easily and securely attaches to the RV's sewer outlet, and a swivel lug fitting to connect to your sewer hose.Direct jet allows water stream to rinse and flush RV sewer systemsRhino Blaster Tank Rinser securely attached to RV sewer outlet via bayonet swivel fittingVacuum breaker prevents backflow into water hoseClear 45 degree elbow allows direct flow of water into sewer systemBreak-resistant polyethylene is sturdy and durable.

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