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LED Awning Alert

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Stop banging your head on awning arms Prime's Awning Arm Alert attaches to most awning arms with quick release Velcro strap. During daylight the fluorescent strap is hard to miss. At night turn on 8 red flashing LED's to attract attention to the awning arm. LED's are visible from the front and back side of the Awning arm Alert. Replacement batteries are available. Use to warn of other obstructions such as mirrors, hitches or bike racks. Makes excellent campsite locator or marker.

  • Awning Arm Alert Attaches To Most Awning Arms With Quick Release Velcro Strap
  • During Daylight The Fluorescent Strap Is Hard To Miss
  • At Night Turn On 8 Red Flashing LED's To Attract Attention To The Awning Arm
  • LED's Are Visible From The Front And Back Side Of The Awning Arm Alert
  • Use To Warn Of Other Obstructions Such As Mirrors, Hitches Or Bike Racks
  • Makes Excellent Campsite Locator Or Marker

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