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Little Guy Max All Weather Cover

This item is made and shipped from the manufacturer, PahaQue, and has an estimated production time of up to 8 weeks. Teardrop Shop does not have the ability to give you a better estimate than that time frame and does not send updates on the status of your order.
The manufacturer will only authorize a return within 30 days of receipt if product is defective or there are fitment issues. It is the purchasers responsibility to open the product upon receipt. If there are problems with your item, please contact the manufacturer at (858)748-3762.
This item is custom made to order. We do not accept returns on custom made to order items and will not issue refunds on incorrectly ordered items. Please be sure that you are ordering the correct model for your trailer and the correct color combination that you desire.

Protect your Little Guy Max with an All-Weather Cover that is designed to take a lot of abuse. It safeguards you from harmful elements such as acid rains, alkalis, UV rays, ozone agents & dust that may damage your trailer's appearance. It also protects your trailer against dings, cracking, scratches, tree sap, pet claws, bird droppings, etc

Please Note:

  • The covers are not intended to be a perfect fit. They are a little loose to accommodate varying fender sizes, tongue boxes, or other accessories.
  • The covers are not intended to be 100% waterproof. They have to be breathable so that moisture trapped between trailer and cover can dry. That means it will get wet in a rainstorm, but it also allows other moisture and condensation to dry before it can damage the trailer.
  • Technical details: Made of a 600 denier, 8.75oz. woven polyester with a waterproof coating and dyed color. 3 year guarantee on the material. It is semi-breathable.
  • Silver
  • Items are subject to change and do not always look identical to that pictured.
  • This cover fits the Little Guy Max trailer only.
  • 31 lbs

 *Cover does not fit over vent covers or other aftermarket additions.*

This cover only fits the Little Guy Max trailer.

Limited Lifetime Warranty Information

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Ask a Question
  • Will this cover protect the trailer from snow?

    Yes. These covers are intended for use in inclement weather. They breath slightly while keeping water out. It's a good idea to remove the cover every once in a while when the weather is nice to let it air out a little.  

  • Will this cover fit appropriately on a tag xl trailer?

    No, you will need the T@G XL Cover.

  • How much does this cover weigh? Thank you in advance foe your help : )

    30 pounds

  • With this fit a camp rover


  • Our trailer came with a television antenna (King). Will it fit over that and the AC unit?


  • Driving south from Toronto this winter. Is it possible to tow with the cover on?

    No, we do not recommend that you tow the trailer with the cover on.

  • It says, does not fit 'after market additions' I am assuming that that includes not covering the AC unit? Is there a cover that will go over the AC and other amenities on the top?

    The A/C is not an aftermarket addition since it is installed at the factory, this cover will fit the A/C.