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T@B 320 Trailer Cover

This item is made and shipped from the manufacturer, PahaQue, and has an estimated production time of up to 8 weeks. Teardrop Shop does not have the ability to give you a better estimate than that time frame and does not send updates on the status of your order.
The manufacturer will only authorize a return within 30 days of receipt if product is defective or there are fitment issues. It is the purchasers responsibility to open the product upon receipt. If there are problems with your item, please contact the manufacturer at (858)748-3762.
This item is custom made to order. We do not accept returns on custom made to order items and will not issue refunds on incorrectly ordered items. Please be sure that you are ordering the correct model for your trailer and the correct color combination that you desire.

**Please be sure to select the correct model from the drop down menu**

  • Custom fit for all model years
  • Zippered door for easy trailer access
  • Non-Outback version covers front storage box, Outback/Boondock version does not
  • Attaches with adjustable straps
  • Heavy-duty fabric comes with 3 year warranty
  • Available in Gray only 

Technical details: Made of a 600 denier, 8.75oz. woven polyester with a waterproof coating and dyed color. 3 year guarantee on the material. It is semi-breathable.

This item does not fit the T@B 400.

 *Cover does not fit over vent covers or other aftermarket additions.*

Limited Lifetime Warranty Information

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  • Does the Outback cover completely cover the front end including the diamond plate shelf? Thank you!

    The Outback/Boondock version does not cover the front storage box.

  • My 2016 T@B Max S came with the custom diamond plate tongue box and aluminum utility platform of the Outback/Boondock installed by the dealer. What cover should I order for this configuration?

    We will need you to fill out a custom cover form.  Please email us at and we will send you the proper for to complete.

  • will trailercover fit a 2017 tab s trailer

    Yes, this T@B cover fits all T@B trailers.

  • I have a 2010 T&B. What cover do I need?

    If you trailer is an Outback edition, you will need the Outback/Boondock cover.  If you trailer is not an Outback, you will need the non-outback cover. 

  • Will the cover fit a 2017 T@B 320 S with its Fantastic roof vent fan cover in place?

    This cover will not fit over anything that has been installed aftermarket.

  • Will this item fit my 2018 T@B 320 U? Thanks!

    Yes, this T@B cover fits all T@B 320 trailers. 

  • I'm looking for a cover for a T@G XL. Can you tell me if one of the covers will work? Thanks.

    You would need the T@G XL cover.

  • I have a 2018 T@G XL Outback edition? Measurements are: Length (box) 116", width 92", height 72". Which cover do I need?

    We do not have a cover for the Outback edition of the T@G.

  • will trailer cover fit my 2018 nu camp tab 320cs


  • Will this fit my 2018 Sofitel?

    Yes, this T@B cover fits all T@B trailers.  You would choose the Non-Outback cover.

  • I have a 2017 T@b cs-s, what cover do I need?

    If you have the Outback edition of the trailer, you will need the Outback cover.  If you do not, you will need the Non-Outback cover.

  • Does this cover fit over the Outback with when the Yakima roof rack, Road Warrior and spare tire are mounted on the rear of the trailer?

    Yes, as long as you choose "Outback" from the drop down menu.

  • We live on the coast...lots of rain. Will this cover protect enough from the wind and rain

    Yes. These covers are intended for use in inclement weather. They breath slightly while keeping water out. It's a good idea to remove the cover every once in a while when the weather is nice to let it air out a little.  

  • Will this fit my 2015 T@B Max S

    Yes, please be sure to select the model of your trailer from the drop down menu.

  • I need a cover for 2019 320s boondock lite 15’. What should I order?

    The T@B 320 Trailer Cover Outback/Boondock

  • Hi doe this fit the 2019 320 S Boondock Edge, with the light bar, no basket?

    Yes, you will need to select the Outback/Boondock model from the drop-down menu.

  • I have a 2018 T@b S320 OutBack teardrop camper with the tire rack mounted on the back top of the camper and the Stainless steel diamond cut propane and battery holder in the front what winter cover do I need and how much is it

    Since you have an Outback, you need to select Outback from the drop-down menu.

  • I have a 2007 T@B trailer - will the 320 cover fit it?


  • I have a SoCal Krawler teardrop Do you have a cover that fits? It is 6.5' wide including fenders, 10' long and 6.5' high

    For custom covers, please send us an email at

  • I have 2018 T@B Outback. Does this cover fit with Max Air air vent cover installed?

    *Cover does not fit over vent covers or other aftermarket additions.*

  • I asked the question below regarding the tab outback cover fitting over our tab outback with a factory installed roof vent. As I read your answer, am I correct your tab outback cover will not fit my tab outback with the factory installed roof vent? I believe most tab outbacks have a roof vent with cover so do you have a cover that will fit any of these trailers?

    The cover does not fit over vent covers, regardless of when and where they are installed.  We can have a custom cover made, to do so, please email us here and we will send over a custom cover template.

  • Our 2018 Tab 320 Outback/Boondock came with a roof vent. Above it is stated "Cover does not fit over vent covers." Does this apply to the roof vent and cover factory installed?

    Correct, this does not fit over vent covers.

  • Can you please tell me the dimensions of the cover? Thank you

    This is designed to fit the T@B 320 exactly, we do not have product dimensions.  For further questions, please contact the manufacturer of this product at (858)748-3762.

  • Will cover fit 2015 Little Guy Worldwide TAB CS-S Max non outback with 2" solar panel on roof?

    Yes, this will fit all T@B 320 trailers.

  • Will this for the 320 s with the spare tire and rack? I also have the torsion axel, if there is a better model please advise.

    Yes, you would need to select the "Outback/Boondock" size.